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Aug 13

Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

By Craig | Uncategorised , Web design

With the addition of several free website builders on the market some new business owners are creating their own websites in an attempt to save money. But is this cost saving measure effective?
Below are some of the biggest mistakes people make when going it alone in the web design world.

DIY websites designed poorly

By building your own website you can run the risk of looking unprofessional if not done correctly. An amateurish or outdated web design could seriously impact on your credibility. If your website looks cheap then potential clients may assume that your service is also stingy and unprofessional

Not mobile friendly or responsive

Responsive web design is designing and developing a website so that it is optimised for a range of devices, from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computers. An optimised site allows users to read and navigate with a minimum of scrolling or zooming. Have you ever gotten onto one of those sites where you couldn’t read the text on your phone? With over 90% of mobile phone users accessing the internet daily, it is critical that your website is mobile friendly or responsive. Is it?

No clear call to actions

Your website must be focused on turning visitors into customers with clear calls to action, such as driving visitors to contact you for a quote, or to sign up to some kind of promotion. These calls to action need to be clear and obvious to your visitors. Professional web designers are understand what works for online marketing and make your website a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Not optimised for search engines

This is a biggie!! Creating websites that receive high rankings in Google is a process that involves starting from the basic design, building the right content and flowing into an online marketing strategy that complements any offline strategies. This process requires professionals with up to date knowledge and tools to bring the right clients to your website.

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