Website Hosting and Email

Web hosting refers to the space where your website sits. This space is known as a server as it ‘serves’ out the information contained within your website. There are many providers throughout Australia and the rest of the world providing server space to millions and millions of websites, which is lucky because without a hosting service your website would not exist.

Web server for clients

 Having a website designed and built can be likened to building a new house;  where the website design and construction is the house, and the server space (Hosting) is the land it sits on.  Some people require a house and land package but some may already own a block of land and you just want the house built. In other words, we understand that you may already have a hosting provider and that's fine.

Here at ‘Your Industry Website’ however, we can set you up with our server providers so you don’t have to go elsewhere. One account and one point of contact will make it  easy for you not only have your website developed with us but managed by us into the future. 

  • Hosting Plan
  • Email
  • security and backups

Security and Backup of your website is critical to you business 

We take your website security seriously and, if you host with us, as part of your annual hosting fee we monitor and backup your website on a regular basis.

  • Regular Monthly Backups of your site
  • Anti virus and spam protection
  • Full restoration in case of loss ( Hacking etc)
  • Security software installed and monitored

Get in touch for help with your web hosting and email !