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By Craig | Web design

Aug 13
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With over 50% of businesses in Australia still not having a website now is a good time to get a jump on your competitors. We all know that the economy is down and getting customers is harder than ever so a website is a must have marketing tool in 2015.

Here are five reasons why it makes great sense to have a website;

1. Your competitors will have one. If your nearest competitor has a website then you are at a disadvantage. A new website is the perfect way for you to limit their marketing advantage and get you in the game.
2. Are you on Google? Yes traditional marketing such as yellow pages and newspapers still work but if customers cant ‘Google you’ to find out more they might turn away. Busy people always have a mobile device such as a phone and they can browse anytime.
3. Do customers trust you? Traditional marketing methods put the business name and services out there but a website gives your business a personality. Photos, client testimonials and great branding can give your customers more confidence in buying from you.
4. Can customers contact you 24/7? With a website yes, they can. Having a website means customers can get in contact and leave a message or fill out a form any time of the day or night, and every day of the year.
5. Social media. When combined successfully with your website, social media can have the benefits of word of mouth on a larger scale. It also allows you to attract followers, generate feedback and maintain superior customer service.

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